view of the main square on Xabran's Rock with psychedelic vision

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor is an anti-adventure game
about picking up trash in an alien bazaar.

You play as the Janitor, an Alaensee girlbeast with a municipally-subsidized trash incineration job, who dreams of leaving Xabran's Rock far behind her.

Blending story-based 2D platforming with a unique brand of comedy, Dad Quest is set within a universe where children are indestructible weapons, ready to be thrown towards enemies.

Dads strive to raise their child by teaching them new combat skills using a variety of deadly toys to defeat their foes.

Inspired by long walks in the woods and taking apart VCRs, There Might Be Ponds is a charming puzzle-esque game about exploration, pleasant conversation, and bodies of water.

Play as a lost girl wandering in a strange and beautiful garden. Make new friends and lend them a helping hand through puzzles designed around intimate, tactile interaction.

It’s okay to stay here for a while.


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10 HOURS OF NATURAL SLEEP is a surreal interactive radio experience that can only be played in the ten hour space between 6pm and 4am.

Players are given a mysterious radio like interface with a vector line display in which they can change radio stations to listen to and explore the broadcasting schedule. Players will hear music, stories, and voices that are reaching out from another world.

As players explore they will discover how each broadcast relates to one another and uncover a larger narrative at play.

Petrichor is the smell of rain.

You wander the forest, breathe in the damp air.
Eternal rain leaving puddles.
You light a fire under a ledge to stay warm.

In your pocket is a damp note you found in the mud.

"Remember The Sound Of Now - Δ"

You tightly grip the handle of your umbrella as you toss the note into the fire.
It turns to ash and its fragments rise into the air.

The path calls you back.

SUPER SKY MECH is an action-arcade game that blends a vertical scrolling shooter with an infiltration-based platformer. It was made in the Champlain College game production program.

Pilot your ship across the skies, battling a space invasion! Transform into your humanoid form to board the enemy ships and destroy them from within! Rack up a high score and unlock battle cards to upgrade your next play!

We built SUPER SKY MECH into a working game cabinet, complete with side art and controls. It lives on Champlain College campus in Burlington, VT.

Shape Down is a minimalist action arcade game that tests your reflexes and ability to love your significant other.


Levity is about accepting your fate.

You can’t control everything.

Be calm.


Some Other Prototypes We’ve Made


Truss is a game about gambling.



Autumn's End is a barely educational point and click adventure game about boxes, bones, and childhood homes.

A game by

Levi Rohr - @ThatRaincoat

Eric Winebrenner - @Eriwine

Jack Yeates - @blueskybleu